Tea of Life

Organic Wellness Teas

 Herbs are trophorestorative, which means they work on the deepest level  to bring about vitality and healing. It has been found, through  scientific research, that plants benefit us by actually transferring  information to our bodies on a genetic level. 

Live. Heal. Connect.

"Tea of  Life" is a family owned Florida based company. The focus has been on traveling the world, studying the secrets and medicinal purposes of traditional herbs and plants, and then taking this knowledge and applying it to modern studies, creating a chemical free way of healing. 

Herbs that have been prepared to drink as tea have been enjoyed since ancient times. Each herb or plant has its own power and specific health benefits, making a tasty cup that is beneficial to health and well-being.  

We hope you’ll believe in us as much as we believe in you. Together, let’s create a caring way to do business. 

Individually, we are  strong…but together we are unstoppable. 


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