“Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit.  When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the  gates of the soul open.”  ~B.K.S. Iyengar 

About Us

Meet Tony Gunn, the young entrepreneur who is changing the way we drink  tea, changing the way we heal our bodies, and changing the way we  conduct business.  

Tony  is, admittedly, the type of person who lives in the clouds.  A  dreamer...a "no box at all" thinker...a believer in love, unity, and  oneness...a believer in the power that we each hold within ourselves.  "Changing the world always starts with a loving thought", says Tony.  "Many people believe in a life altering concept, but never have the  courage to follow the urge. And others live in doubt, never believing in  the power of hope and possibility." And this is where Tony lends his  tinder hand.
Tony is an engineer by trade, and  inspirational speaker by request, and the Founder of Tea of Life via  passion. As a world traveler for over half a decade, he has had the  beautiful opportunity to learn from cultures all over the world...and  here is one of his more infamous quotes:
"I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel the world and see how many live. From 3rd world to 1st world, I’ve talked with the homeless, the cancer survivors, the war survivors, thieves, murderers, victims, the rich, the famous, the successful, the goal oriented, the achievers, the believers, the dreamers, the do’ers, the psychopaths, the schizophrenic, the hurt, the parentless, the childless, the god-less, the religious, the over religious, the passionate, the lovers, the patient, the kind-hearted………they are ALL teachers.  
  And what have I learned?  
  I’ve learned that I know very little. I have learned that opinions can and will change. I have learned that the crazies are often right. I have learned that the truth can often be hard to swallow. I have learned that our biggest demons are within ourselves. I have learned that each person lives their own life which is  completely different from our own. I have learned to listen with my heart because that is the one thing that can’t lie. To feel the energy of someone rather than their appearance or circumstance. I have learned to unlearn everything I had learned. To let go of what had been programmed from such a young age.  I have learned that the more I feel the more I realized how preconditioned to circumstance I was……."  
With all this being said, how is Tony  actually helping change the way we heal? How is he changing business?  And what's with this whole tea thing?
There's a  (mostly) forgotten magic to the way the earth can heal us. A vibration  that can be tuned into. A path of natural healing that has been  suppressed by western medicine.  These secrets are being revealed  through years of travel and research. Additionally, with every purchase  at myteaoflife.com, a percentage  goes to those in need. Partnering with such non profits as Give Kids The  World, The Marine Mammal Center, The Boys and Girls Club, and The  Museum of Discovery and Science, Tony realizes that business and love  are great partners to each other.
Then he has the really crazy stories!
If  you ever get the opportunity to sit with him, ask about the time him  allowed a homeless person to stay with him in is hotel. Or the time he  picked up a drugged up hitch hiker and took care of him. Ask him why he  buys all his clothes from thrift stores. Or his experience as a "Fear  Factor" contestant. Perhaps you'd be intrigued to hear about the time he  went swimming with whale sharks. Whatever it is that tickles your  fancy, there might be a story about it...
But, don't be  surprised if you find yourself doing most of the talking...as Tony will  want to learn all he can from you as well!  

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