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 “By cleansing your body on a regular basis and eliminating as many  toxins as possible from your environment, your body can begin to heal  itself, prevent disease, and become stronger and more resilient than you  ever dreamed possible!”  ~Dr. Edward Group III 

Partner Companies

Hippocrates Health Institute

 Set in lush, tropical 50-acre setting in West Palm Beach, Florida,  guests from all over the world benefit from health and nutritional  counseling, non-invasive remedial and youth-enhancing therapies, state  of the art spa services, inspiring talks on life principles and a  tantalizing daily buffet of enzyme-rich, organic meals.

Our goal  is to assist people in taking responsibility for their lives and to help  them internalize and actualize an existence free from premature aging,  disease and needless pain.


 Ever dreamed of an option to health insurance  that costs less and includes no Obamacare penalty? How about a health  program that includes all medicine with up to $1,000,000 in benefits?  How about an end to co-pay? If you answered yes, we understand because  we did too. 

​This is what GreenSurance resolves. Bringing people  ready for a change with a health program that is the change,  GreenSurance is an alliance of organizations who together lead the  way for people ready for change, with that change.

Sugar Shack Donuts

 Most importantly, our donuts and coffee are made the right way.  We hand roll and hand cut each donut in small batches throughout the  day. Skipping the large, automated baking systems found in many of the  major chains allows us to provide you with the freshest possible donut  at any time of the day. We also use only fresh berries and apples.  You'll never find an Apple Fritter with anything less than a freshly  peeled Granny Smith Apple, nor will you find a Strawberry Glazed Donut  made with frozen berries. Even our coffee is made with similar  attention, as our baristas grind and pull each shot, while manually  steaming your choice of milk.

Dubliner Irish Pub

 The Dubliner Irish Pub, located in the beautiful Mizner Park, Boca Raton  is open 7 days a week for dinner and Sunday for brunch. The Dubliner  features an Irish Inspired menu from Chef David Ortiz including award  winning Shepherds Pie, Fish and Chips, Bangers and Mash, House cured  Corn Beef, Fresh seafood and many more. We have a full bar with an  extensive list of Whiskeys, Bourbons and Irish specialty beers. The  Dubliner shows all major football, soccer, baseball and any other  televised sporting events. We also have live music and entertainment 7  nights a week! The Dubliner Irish Pub, where strangers become friends…

Subculture Coffee

 The day we opened, and every day since, has consisted of roasting and brewing coffee the best we know how  in a space that allows people from all walks of life to connect. We  strongly believe in fostering a community of diversity and expression,  one that brings soul to our city.

All of our partnerships,  whether local vendors or our global coffee growers, are carefully  selected. We want who we work with and what we offer to be in line with  our mission.

Our story isn’t special or even really that unique;  it is one based on care. It’s one that simply says, “Join us for a  moment! Come drink some delicious coffee that we made for you. Grab one  for your friend, too. Take a moment to relax and connect. Enjoy!” 

The Palms Birthhouse

Birth is a normal life process.  Science has shown that through regular prenatal monitoring and  screening most women will, without intervention, have a normal labor and  birth process. It is of the utmost importance that the mother’s wants  and needs be met with respect and compassion. It is our belief that the  family should have an active role during pregnancy and birth. A blend of  tradition, faith and science makes midwifery care safe, effective and  empowering. We are here to assist you in having a beautiful and natural  birth. Midwives are experts in normal childbirth. The focus of midwifery  care is to promote a healthy pregnancy, labor, birth and newborn. By  the time a woman who is cared for by a midwife goes into labor, she has  had 9 months of comprehensive care in which she has learned about the  processes of labor and birth and has come to a greater understanding of  her own body.

Sierra Hot Springs

Sierra Hot Springs is a non-profit  retreat and workshop center located at the cusp of an enchanted forest  and a beautiful alpine valley. Here, it is impossible to  resist the overwhelming sense of tranquility. The natural spring water  is as smooth as silk, and the pools are a true experience. For  centuries, Native Americans have regarded this land as a sacred healing  place. Now we invite you to discover its incredible powers for yourself.

The Nak was formed in 2002 as an outlet to sell off our excess kava supply  from our kava bar "The Nak" in order to keep our kava supply as fresh  as possible. Over the years we have seen an increased demand for our  products and we have subsequently increased our stock for online sales  and run it as a seperate business with its own supply so we are less  likely to run out of stock of kava. We do run out of one type of kava or  another from time to time but it is becoming less frequent. We would  rather wait for the fresh kava than buy whatever is available.

Stache Coffee Bar

 Voted Coolest Speakeasies in America.  Stache is Ft Lauderdale’s premiere cocktail lounge, coffee bar,  nightclub & concert hall celebrating the art of mixology. Let our  bartenders excite your senses with one of our signature cocktails or one  of the classics. Enjoy Live Entertainment, Burlesque/Cabaret Shows,  Bands and DJ’s. Stache is sure to give you and your guests a once in a  lifetime experience of sight, sound and taste. Now Serving Panther  Coffee and Seven Seas Teas Mon – Friday from 7am-5pm.
Voted USA Todays top Whiskey Bars in America